We Like to Move it, Move it!

With the title for this post appearing above, I wouldn't blame you for thinking of the hard-to-forget song from the cartoon Madagascar that came out a few years back. ūüėČ Actually, we're about to move closer to the primary place we've been doing ministry for years, the campus of Southern Methodist University. We've also been … Continue reading We Like to Move it, Move it!

Praying in the Harvest

We've got some great news to share with you this month, and an invitation! Please join us in prayer every day through May 15th as we ask God to move in power at SMU and draw people into a relationship with Him. You can see the prayer points we're focusing on by CLICKING HERE. God … Continue reading Praying in the Harvest

Prayer Points for SMU

We'd like to invite you to pray for SMU for at least a few minutes every day. A group of SMU students, campus ministers, staff, faculty and volunteers are¬†praying near¬†the flagpole in the center of campus every day at 12pm central time. They are praying over 7 prayer points, which appear below. For more information … Continue reading Prayer Points for SMU

The Love Tent

What is a love tent, you may ask? Well, it's a tent set up each year the week of¬†Valentine's Day at SMU by Storehouse Campus Ministry with pro-life Christian resources that we distribute to the student body. We participated in this outreach this year and you can read about what happened in the newsletter appearing … Continue reading The Love Tent

More Seminary Reflections

Recently someone ‚Äútrolled‚ÄĚ this website, anonymously commenting on this blog using name calling and various other unfounded assumptions to trash some of the very nature of this ministry and the work I am engaged in at SMU. Since this person was unwilling to identify themselves or leave valid contact information, I deleted that comment and … Continue reading More Seminary Reflections

Reflections from a “conservative” student attending a “liberal” seminary

After two months as a conservative Christian attending a generally liberal seminary (Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University), which has had the reputation of taking faithful Christians and turning them into atheists, I've learned 6¬†things that I think are worth sharing. Here they are: #1. The anti-intellectual and anti-academic elements of the modern … Continue reading Reflections from a “conservative” student attending a “liberal” seminary