More Seminary Reflections

Recently someone “trolled” this website, anonymously commenting on this blog using name calling and various other unfounded assumptions to trash some of the very nature of this ministry and the work I am engaged in at SMU. Since this person was unwilling to identify themselves or leave valid contact information, I deleted that comment and … Continue reading More Seminary Reflections

Reflections from a “conservative” student attending a “liberal” seminary

After two months as a conservative Christian attending a generally liberal seminary (Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University), which has had the reputation of taking faithful Christians and turning them into atheists, I've learned 6 things that I think are worth sharing. Here they are: #1. The anti-intellectual and anti-academic elements of the modern … Continue reading Reflections from a “conservative” student attending a “liberal” seminary

Back in School

The Fall of 2014 marks a new season in our ministry work. We are returning to college and university campuses as missionaries but with a unique twist - we are also coming as students. Christy is a full-time post-baccalaureate student taking pre-med classes working with undergraduates at Tarrant County Community College and Northlake College. Phil … Continue reading Back in School