Lighting Up the Skies

Hello friends and partners! We hope you had a great Independence Day this year! While watching a fireworks display this 4th of July with Katy Perry's song lyrics playing loudly in the background, "Baby, You're a Firework, Come on, show 'em what you're worth," we couldn't help but be reminded of Jesus' words in Matthew 5:14. "You … Continue reading Lighting Up the Skies

So Jesus Walks Into A Bar…

Imagine that you've been running from God for 5 years. Now imagine you're jamming to some tunes on your iPod when the music cuts out and a voice speaks through your headphones saying, "This is God, and I want you to come back to me." Then your music turns back on. This ACTUALLY HAPPENED to … Continue reading So Jesus Walks Into A Bar…

Demonstrating Love – January 2013 Ministry Update

Happy 2013, friends! God has opened doors for powerful ministry opportunities this year. Preaching, teaching, serving trafficked women, using art as outreach to the community, loving on the lost and reaching the campuses with God's love... This is going to be a great year! Read below to find out more:

Pray-Train-Renovate-Attack! Worth Love in May 2012

Hello! Last month we had a powerful time of praying with over 4,000 women at the Dallas Convention Center during the Esther Call. We've also just finished being trained in a 3 month internship at the Dallas House of Prayer which is now undergoing major renovations, and we're ready to attack the summer, raising financial support … Continue reading Pray-Train-Renovate-Attack! Worth Love in May 2012