Catching Up With Our Partners – June 2017 Update

To catch up with you, our ministry partners, we're telling some stories from the past few months in this month's newsletter, as well as telling you about what's coming up. We've got a lot planned for the month of June, so be sure to read on to stay up to date! 

Swedish Food and 30,000 Screaming Young People

Happy New Year! So, hanging out with between 20,000 to 30,000 screaming young people may not be your idea of a relaxing time, but it was heavenly for us because Jesus was being honored and glorified. You can read about that in this month's newsletter appearing below, including a time of teaching we held at … Continue reading Swedish Food and 30,000 Screaming Young People

God’s Kind of Oil Spill

We've just wrapped up teaching the 3-month intensive Sons of Oil Internship and we are so amazed at all God has done in the lives of our interns! Sending them out at their graduation on August 3rd was definitely God's kind of oil spill. 😉 We want to tell you about it all in person … Continue reading God’s Kind of Oil Spill