We Like to Move it, Move it!

With the title for this post appearing above, I wouldn't blame you for thinking of the hard-to-forget song from the cartoon Madagascar that came out a few years back. 😉 Actually, we're about to move closer to the primary place we've been doing ministry for years, the campus of Southern Methodist University. We've also been … Continue reading We Like to Move it, Move it!

August-September 2015 Worth Love Update

Though we normally come out with a newsletter every month, due to the intense schedule we've been running with Christy in surgery three times this year so far on top of being full-time student-missionaries, we ask that you would forgive us for only now giving you our most recent update. Please enjoy reading it and … Continue reading August-September 2015 Worth Love Update

Praying in the Harvest

We've got some great news to share with you this month, and an invitation! Please join us in prayer every day through May 15th as we ask God to move in power at SMU and draw people into a relationship with Him. You can see the prayer points we're focusing on by CLICKING HERE. God … Continue reading Praying in the Harvest

Prayer Points for SMU

We'd like to invite you to pray for SMU for at least a few minutes every day. A group of SMU students, campus ministers, staff, faculty and volunteers are praying near the flagpole in the center of campus every day at 12pm central time. They are praying over 7 prayer points, which appear below. For more information … Continue reading Prayer Points for SMU

7-7-7 An Urgent Call To National Prayer and Fasting

Two years ago, Billy Graham wrote a letter calling all Americans to pray, fast and repent on behalf of our nation. This letter was largely ignored, with its call falling on mostly deaf ears. Recently Billy Graham's daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, former chair of the national day of prayer and founder of AnGeL ministries, gave an … Continue reading 7-7-7 An Urgent Call To National Prayer and Fasting

Ideas about God, or God Himself?

"It's a lot easier to learn principles than it is to tarry with the Christ. I know so many little preacher boys, and some of them are 70 years old, [and] their whole life is nothing but doctrines and principles, but they have never tarried before the Lord. They have spent no closet time. Their … Continue reading Ideas about God, or God Himself?

Divorcing God from the Gospel

"We're looking for a formula - there isn't one! There's no formula, it's a Person!" - Leonard Ravenhill God is the Gospel About 5 years ago I came across an excellent book by John Piper entitled God is the Gospel. Well, at least the half of the book I read was excellent as for whatever reason … Continue reading Divorcing God from the Gospel