Prayer Points for SMU

We’d like to invite you to pray for SMU for at least a few minutes every day. A group of SMU students, campus ministers, staff, faculty and volunteers are praying near the flagpole in the center of campus every day at 12pm central time. They are praying over 7 prayer points, which appear below. For more information on this 40-day prayer initiative, please visit

1. SMU Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Student Body at SMU to come to know Jesus

2. Unity Among the Christian Campus Ministries/Body of Christ at SMU

3. Open Heaven over SMU where the activity of the Holy Spirit is undeniable

4. Clear Proclamation of the Gospel at SMU with signs and wonders following

5. Strong Student Movement to emerge igniting spiritual revival throughout the city and region

6. Shake everything that can be shaken and for SMU to rest on the foundation of the Kingdom of Christ

7. SMU to boldly affirm and maintain its spiritual roots as a Christian-affiliated university

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