Dr. Bill Bright Of Campus Crusade Confesses His Error In Evangelism

Dr. Bill Bright, now deceased, is heralded by many confessing evangelical Christians as one of the great pioneers of the Christian faith. He developed the popular evangelistic method of The Four Spiritual Laws, a form of Gospel presentation that has been put into a tract distributed in all the major languages of the world totaling over 1 billion copies. The following text is excerpted from the book, Heaven or Hell, written by him near the end of his life and published in 2002:

“In His approximately 42 months of public ministry, there are 33 recorded instances of Jesus speaking about hell. No doubt He warned of hell thousands of times. The Bible refers to hell a total of 167 times. I wonder with what frequency this eternal subject is found in today’s pulpits. I confess I have failed in my ministry to declare the reality of hell as often as I have the love of God and the benefits of a personal relationship with Christ. But Jesus spent more of His time warning His listeners of the impending judgment of hell than speaking of the joys of heaven …

I have never felt the need to focus on telling people about hell. However, as a result of a steady decline in morals and spiritual vitality in today’s culture and a growing indifference to the afterlife, I have come to realize the need for greater discussion of hell …

I have thus come to see that silence, or even benign neglect on these subjects, is disobedience on my part. To be silent on the eternal destinations of souls is to be like a sentry failing to warn his fellow soldiers of impending attack.”

Heaven or Hell may be purchased here: http://www.campuscrusade.com/catalog/Heaven-or-Hell-Your-Ultimate-Choice.html

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