What’s Needed for Revival in our Time

Leonard Ravenhill wrote and preached on Christian revival for decades with the most famous of his books being Why Revival Tarries. The following is a collection of quotes from him on what is necessary for us to see a true Holy Spirit led revival in our day.

“There never has been revival without intercessory prayers and tears.”

“We’ve lost the fire! Our God is a consuming fire. Where did Moses get his life revolutionized? At a burning bush. Ezekiel says the fire burned him, Jeremiah says ‘there’s a fire burning in me.’ … In the Greek it’s He shall baptize you with Holy Ghost fire. There never has been a moving of God without God the Holy Ghost, without the Holy Ghost coming, first consuming sin, and then enlightening, intellectually and every other way, the holy Word of God.”

“‘For our God is a consuming fire.’ There’s no fire more terrible than the fire of love!”

Regarding John the Baptist:
“When God wanted to lead Israel out of bondage He sent Moses and they were led by a pillar of fire. … [In the New Testament] He didn’t put a pillar of fire out there, He put a man on fire! This one from his infancy baptized with the Holy Ghost.”


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