Hello friends!

Christy and I were recently informed that if we do not complete our monthly financial partnership team by March 31st, there is a strong possibility we could be removed from campus mission work with Every Nation Ministries indefinitely.

We’ve seen many financial miracles over the years and believe this may be the open door for the greatest one yet. Please pray with us that ALL $1500 in monthly financial partnerships that we need to complete our “married” team would come in the next 84 days or less.

That’s only 15 people giving $100 per month each for at least the next year. Or maybe 30 people giving $50 per month. However it works doesn’t matter. God can move hearts and knit them to our mission work at SMU, but I also know He prefers to be asked first. 🙂 If you will commit to pray weekly, daily, or at least often regarding this request, please comment on this post.

Thank you!



  1. Jesus, thank you for your promise to take care of your children and your faithfulness! Please provide more than they are asking and could imagine.

    You are so good.

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